Our Process

  1. As we value the time of our patients, all new appointments are to be booked and confirmed prior.

  2. The first appointment is most crucial as we intend to understand every aspect of our patients’ problems. The doctors give sufficient time for this interaction for which 45mins-1hour may be required. We need this time to comprehend the genesis and evolution of your disease so that we can treat it from the root.

  3. At the time of the first visit, all prior investigations and treatments taken should be brought.

  4. Depending upon the patient, subsequent treatment plans are devised and follow-ups are scheduled as per your convenience.

  5. Patients will also be advised the necessary diet, exercise and lifestyle changes that are required to enhance the treatment.

  6. In case of acute emergencies or while travelling, stock medicines for the patients can be provided ahead of time so that they are not inconvenienced. The doctor should be contacted before the use of these medicines for proper management.

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