In the Samkhya school of Hindu philosophy, the universe is understood to be made up of two realities – the consciousness and matter. A living being is an interplay of these two realities infused with all senses, consciousness and intellect in a range of permutations and combinations. The Body-Mind-Intellect are just matters /minerals unless Consciousness expresses itself through it. The spirit cannotexpress itself without the matter Prakruti (Womb of nature). Gunas or Influences are born out of Prakruti hence present in all living beings. There are three Gunas: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. The interplay of Guṇas defines the character of someone or something which determines its direction and progress of life.

The conception of Sattva is that of perfect “Purity and Luminosity”, the opposite of “Foul darkness” called Tamas and distinctly different from the “Dusty colour” of Rajas.

Sattva because of its stainlessness is luminous and healthy, binds by attachment to happiness and knowledge. It is the attribute of goodness, creativity,construction, holism, light and quietude. Rajas is the source of ‘Desires and Attachment”, bind to actions and passions. “Ignorance”is born out of Tamas. By attaching to ignorance it blocks intelligence which brings indolence,dullness and sleep.

The mind, or consciousness in general, is naturally the domain of Sattva. Under Sattvik influence the mind is steady and inward. Unless the mind is calm and clear we cannot perceive anything clearly in its reality. The Sattva-abiding go upward, who are living a pure life of discrimination, clear thinking, right judgement and self-awareness and in turn cultivate more and more Sattvik qualities in themselves. When the mind is thus kept in quietude, at once creativity and dynamism evolve more and more upwards.

Sattva is the balance of Rajas and Tamas, combining the energy of Rajas with the stability of Tamas. By increasing Sattva one gains peace and harmony, and returns to Primordial Nature and Pure Spirit which is liberation. Pure Sattva does not condemn Rajas and Tamas but understands their place in the cosmic harmony which is, as outer factors of life and body whose proper place is apart from our true nature. It is a concept in our Scriptures that the Highest realm of abundant joy, unaffected by any excessive Rajas or Tamas, is the realm of the Creator: Supremely Happy and Extremely Creative.

As humans we live in this material world of never-ending flux of desires and temptations. It is nearly impossible to maintain balance in our inner world so as to function in harmonywith the outer, demanding world. We at Sattva Clinics understand these struggles and help in trying to achieve this balance.

It has been proved time and again how the mind, body and soul are all connected with each other. Because of the imbalanced state of emotions and intellect a number of diseases arise in the body and mind which further causes distress. The disturbances at the level of subconscious are beyond the grasp of our consciousness. At Sattva Clinics we not only treat the physical ailments effectivelyby natural Homoeopathic medicines but help you achieve the mental equilibrium through methods of deliberation introspection and self-awareness. Our attempt is to accentuate and enhance the Sattvik qualities of an individual with the purest of intentions to help facilitate the highest quality of life.

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