Feel blessed that I am trained under such a competent guide, a teacher, a genuine human. Very supportive, energetic, excellent skills to handle disease. Working with sir was a great opportunity to understand homoeopathy and its implication in various diseases. I will be in debt for whole life to such a great teacher.

Dr. Lalit Singh – UP, India

My experience with sir I have heard about sir from one of teachers in UG. Later when I joined the college I was happy that I am in college where sir is also as consultant. And the interaction started with sir from the time of synopsis. Here sir helped me in searching the literature and guiding how we must proceed. Above sir was always inspiring us. And I personally used to feel energetic. Then later as a student of MM dept. we had continue interaction in sessions. Here also sir used share the experience of his own clinic. He used to make us understand that how much important is the every part of case like from LSMC to life space to posology. He used share cases where difficulties come in practice and how to move ahead there in such cases. Also in our dissertation sir guided us in every step. He was insisting us all to complete the dissertation on time. Thank God and with the help of our whole department we have completed on time. I was posted in dermatology OPD in last posting. For that posting I have requested all to give me the OPD. In OPD sir has given all possible guidance. Sir used guide in each and every case. Sir used to make us understand how we select the remedy in different type of cases. He used guide us how to proceed in complicated cases. Even in f/u of patient, sir used to explain the change in plan of treatment. Every patient always wants to see sir. Sometimes patients used to tell that "bas hmbaatkarengeaur hum theekhojayege". And even sir used to give time to all patients. Sir used examine all cases by himself. That also helped us in understand different aspects of practice. Sir even told us that any time if we need his help, he will always do that. Thank you very much sir.

Dr. Riyaz Bhatt, Srinagar, J&K

I would not like to disclose my name but I want to say that the way Jyoti madam has counselled me has changed my life forever and forever. Before, counselling I was about to quit but in the very first session of counselling madam has changed my perspectives towards life as well as whatever problems I had that time. Because of counselling sessions, in the course of time I have qualified GSET and GPSC too. PPT namely "Use your whole mind for a new dimension in creative power THE SILVA MIND CONTROL METHOD FOR GETTING HELP FROM YOUR OTHER SIDE. Prepared by Dr.Vishwa Patel and guided by Dr. Sudhir Joshi Sir is beyond imagination and very useful. Thank you very much madam and Sir.


This is urmi, we are glade to inform you that our children neevraj n navyraj's health is improved .They have got very good immunity. Seasons cough and cold problem is no more. The Changing weather is not effecting their health. Thanks to Dr. Priyanka Joshi for her guidance and support

- Urmi

My kid was suffering from adenoids disorder / enlarged adenoids due to which found difficulty breathing through the nose & hence was breathing through the mouth, having noisy breathing, snoring, stopped breathing for a few seconds during sleep (obstructive sleep). ENT experts have suggested to operate and get adenoids removed which we did not found an appropriate approach & decided not to do so, instead we have opted to try for homeopathy. We have approached one of the most renowned homeopathy doc Mr. Sudhir Joshi at Valsad, Gujarat & within a short time of 2 months found significant improvement. Approach of Dr. Sudhir Joshi and Dr. Priyanka Joshi was very holistic with the intention to remove this disorder from the root. We are very much satisfied with the results.

– Father of Dhruv Dutt Ramlavat

I am Jagdish Ahir, Yug Ahir's parent it gives me immense pleasure to inform that Yug had been suffering for long time with low immunity and would get sick quite often and we had to give him allopathy treatment and rush him to the hospital in emergency but ever since we are under Dr. Priyanka's treatment we are very much satisfied with her treatment as of right now he has good immunity and we have not taken him for any allopathy treatment since last four month thanks to Dr. Priyanka

Jagdish Ahir

Congratulations for your new achievement. I am very happy with DR.SUDHIR JOSHI and DR.PRIYANKA Joshi. From last 15years I am in touch with them. My health problems are solved by their homeopathic medicine. Best of luck for your future.

M/O Moksha Gala

My son is 2.5 years old. He had chronic cough. I started Dr. Sudhir Joshi/ Dr. Shashvat joshi's homeopathy medicines and it did wonders to him. As prior to that, he was prescribed antibiotics 4-5 times a month. After starting homeopathy I did not gave him single dose of cough /cold medicine or antibiotics for that. It has improved his immunity as well. I and my all family members are taking their medicine. For us, having them available to help with any health issues is a key support. They have very deep knowledge and experience with homeopathy and that gives us confidence to think about long term and not to give allopathy when it's not necessary. Thank you so much for everything.

Hetvi Shah, M/O Divit Shah

Hey, this is Payal pandya, Dhyani's mom 2. Thank u so much for familiar hospitality n treatment for my child, she is growing very smoothly without cold and fiver from last 3 months which is very good. She is asking me for food whole day so m very happy. Last week she was suffering from fiver it was tackled by Shashvat sir and she took only 4 dose and she was out of it. As a mother m satisfied with your treatment. And yes she is gaining her weight also.

Payal Pandya

Very nice experience. Dr Shashvat sir & Dr Sudhir sir Very cooperative & Supportive. My wife treatment is continued and now she feels better with u


We took counselling treatment with medicine from Dr. Sudhir Joshi sir and Dr. Jyoti Joshi mam for my daughter for 9 months. Initially it was very difficult for my daughter to accept her younger brother. And she went under depression. Because of that my personal life was also disturbed. Then we consulted mam for counselling. After couple of sessions and medicines we started feeling difference in my daughter’s behaviour with her brother and us. She started accepting her brother. Started playing with him. She is more active and energetic. Her complains from school has abolished. Even my personal life has become absolutely normal... As a unit we have become happy family after 9 months. We are very thankful to Sudhir sir and Jyoti Ma’am

Dr. Nirmal Desai

"Since my childhood, the earliest that I can remember, homeopathy has always been my family's favoured treatment option. I have always found it appealing the fact that homeopathy causes no side effects and recently when I was suffering from a recurrent Urinary tract infection, it came as a surprise to me that my UTI could be treated without consuming all those harmful antibiotics that I was told are necessary by all the Physicians here in USA. Whether it’s a sudden outbreak of cystic acne or hair fall issues or any kind of infection, I have found homeopathic medicines to be greatly beneficial and I certainly recommend this mode of treatment for everyone who wishes to have a holistic approach to their health."

Dhrumi Desai (USA)

Hi my name is Niyati Mehta I am suffering from skin disease for near about 8years and tried allopathy for quite a time but nothing seemed to work until my aunt introduced me to homeopathy and I came across Dr.Sudhir who turned out be a boon. His medicines not only cured me physically but mentally as well it's been over 4 months now n i am very relieved as my skin has got so much better. Homeopathy is a slow process but a guaranteed process and I am so glad to get introduced to it. Last but not the least i am so thankful to Dr.Sudhir who help me regain my confidence and freedom.??

Niyati Mehta

We are ardent fans of homeopathic medicines &Dr Joshi -he is an icing on the cake. We were trying for a child & looking for some immediate results. Homeopathy gave us an individual treatment tailored to our unique nature & body type. It was a Deja Vu. Simply in two months without going through any agonies we announced the positive pregnancy. Not to forget the prenatal care that was provided to make the transition smooth time. We strongly recommend homeopathy for all your ailments & there is no looking back when you are taking treatment from Dr Joshi at his well-placed clinic

Kunjan Desai, Surat

My name is Sneha Thakkar, I am from a happy go lucky Brahmin family. I was happy in my life, I got engaged and all my family members were happy for that. After 2 years of my engagement there was a new turn in my life. The people involved in my life betrayed me. After that I felt there was a dark cloud over my head, I could make any decisions, could not make up my mind, I did not know what was the right thing to be done at that moment in time. At that time Dr. Jyoti came to me in the avatar of God. She counselled me and showed me a new path in my life. Before my session with ma’am I was sad and depressed, but after just one sitting I was a completely different person. She showed me a new direction in life and helped me gained the confidence that I had lost. She also helped me to make the pivotal decision at that moment in time. Now I am very happy in my life and am happy about the decisions I have made. She is also my guide for M.Phil. In Psychology. I am very grateful to her and advice all to seek professional help whenever needed in life

Sneha Thakkar

I had taken treatment for my daughter when she was in 12th standard for her behaviour modification and to help in her concentration and dealing with the stresses of examination. With her guidance she was able to score good marks in her examination and still continues to perform well in examination after working on the guidance given by Dr. Jyoti Joshi. I thank her for her services

Amit Bhatt – Valsad

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